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This is the official place where all details about the author, Carrie Pierce, can be found, and where news will be posted.

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Debut Author of LETHAL WOMAN

California writer

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Main Street of Placerville, California, the street that I have walked millions of times. The place where a community becomes family.

Moose, my amazingly judgement Pitbull who is spiteful of anything relating to excerise.


Merlin, my rabbit is sassy but complicated with love. Through his challenging moods, he has made me a better person.


Yoda, is the wise animal who knows all the words to my novel. Truthfully, he might be my toughest critic, and my most loyal fan.


Like plotting a novel everything must be in order, must be planned, and in the end, you must be willing to make compromises.


Lindsey Vasiliev is the lethal woman... and the legacy will never die...

Just keep doing you, no matter how difficult the day. Work, rest, and keep moving forward, you can do this!

Words of Advice

Create what you enjoy. By creating, doing, and acting upon what brings you joy is the best form of therapy. 

Don't let the word NO stop you. My novel LETHAL WOMAN was rejected so many times I lost count. If you believe what you have is worth sharing, then keep working towards that goal. Believing in yourself is the first step. Keep improving, keep gathering skills, keep fighting for your dream... you got this.

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